-- <nowiki>
--                              Module:Eras
-- This module renders the icons in the top-right corner of articles, as well
-- as the Canon and Legends tabs for pages with a Canon/Legends counterpart.
-- It also formats the page title with {{DISPLAYTITLE}}. It is a rewrite of
-- [[Template:Eras]].
local DEBUG_MODE = false -- if true, errors are not caught
-- Icon data
-- This table stores data for all the icons displayed in the top-right. It can
-- have the following fields:
-- * image - the icon image name, minus any "File:" prefix (required).
-- * tooltip - the icon tooltip (optional).
-- * link - the page to link from the icon (optional).
-- * category - a category to go with the icon, minus any "Category:" prefix
--     (optional).
-- * protectionAction - for protection icons, an action such as "edit" or "move"
--     to check (optional).
-- * protectionLevel - for protection icons, the protection level to check,
--     such as "sysop". If the page doesn't have the right protection level
--     it is put in a tracking category and the icon is not displayed
--     (optional).
-- Note: this is just a convenient place to store the data. The subtables are
-- accessed from the code manually, so adding new subtables won't automatically
-- add new icons, and removing subtables may break things.
local iconData = {
 btr = {
image = "30px-Era-pre.png",
		tooltip = "Hierdie artikel behoort aan die era van die Ou Republiek.",
		link = "Die era van die Ou Republiek"
imp = {
		image = "30px-Era-imp.png",
		tooltip = "The subject of this article appeared in the Rise of the Empire era.",
		link = "Rise of the Empire era"
reb = {
		image = "30px-Era-reb.png",
		tooltip = "The subject of this article appeared in the Rebellion era.",
		link = "Rebellion era"

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