Corranpedia - dit is die Afrikaanse ensiklopedie opgedra aan die verhaal van Star Wars.

Wëllkomm op der Corranpedia!
Welkom by Corranpedia, die vrye Star Wars ensiklopedie wat deur enigeen verbeter en uitgebrei kan word. Hier is tans 9 artikels in Afrikaans.
A word in English
Greetings to fans of Star Wars all over the world! Welcome in Corranpedia, a free Star Wars encyclopaedia in Afrikaans which can be edited by everyone! Create a new article or help improve one of the existing ones. Special pages might give you some inspiration, especially the list of most wanted pages. Or you can see what pages we have already. For those who are new to Corranpedia, the guidelines contain all the information necessary to start. If you want so take a little look into the Afrikaans language, you are also right here.


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Movies Spin-off

Movies Spin-off

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Oor die Star Wars heelal

Star Wars Wikis in ander tale

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